Asbestos Management & Remediation

With over 40 years combined expertise in asbestos removal processes, our management team are
at the forefront of the asbestos removal industry in Ireland. Our highly trained and experienced
staff have worked on a wide range of asbestos removal projects, in multiple sectors including
power generation, airports, rail, government buildings, education, healthcare, food industry, FMCG
manufacturing and construction.

Our specialist equipment provides our employees with the tools necessary to carry out safe asbestos
remediation procedures on your premises. Equipment is regularly maintained and DOP tested on a
six monthly basis to ensure efficient operation. Personnel are required to participate in six monthly
face fit testing on all their Respiratory Protective Equipment to ensure that it suitable for their

The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations 2006-2010 have
placed a duty on employers to fully assess the risk of exposure to asbestos of their employees and to
lay down the necessary measures to be taken to ensure the safety and health of employees.

Employers and building owners are now required to be proactive when it comes to managing
asbestos in their buildings.

Grove Environmental Solutions can assist you in this requirement, from providing initial advice on
management of asbestos materials to and end solution in their removal.

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GroveGroup is an amalgamation of two companies - Grove Environmental Solutions Ltd. and Grove Water Engineering Ltd. Grove Environmental Solutions provide environmental solutions in the areas of Industrial Insulation, Asbestos Management & Remediation, Industrial Roofing and Cladding and Passive Fire Protection. Grove Water Engineering are experts in industrial process water treatment including Reverse Osmosis, Deionisation, UV, Filtration & Water Softening

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